A Guide to Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania

Someone who is accused of a crime and is arrested may have a chance of posting bail. In the state of Pennsylvania, a Magisterial District Judge is responsible for setting the bail amount. There are several things to understand about bail and how it works.

Some Defendants Are Not Eligible for Bail

Depending on what the defendant is being charged with, you may not be able to secure 24 hour bail bonds Allentown PA for him or her. If someone is charged with a crime that has a sentence of life in prison or capital punishment, then he or she is not eligible for bail. Furthermore, if the defendant has a long criminal history or otherwise poses a flight risk, the judge may deny bail. 

Some Defendants Get Unsecured Bail

Defendants who are in front of the judge with a misdemeanor charge may be released on unsecured bail. This is different from traditional bail because it doesn’t need to be paid upfront. However, if the defendant doesn’t appear for the subsequent court date, then he or she may be ordered to pay the bail amount that was originally set. Most of the time, misdemeanor defendants in Pennsylvania are not arrested. However, homeless people or someone who might flee the state may be taken in.  

Bail Bonds

The Judge Considers Several Factors

When setting bail, the judge will take several things into account. Typically, there is an average bail amount for the charge that the judge uses as a baseline. He or she will then raise or lower the baseline depending on how serious the crime was and how strong of a case the state’s prosecution has. The judge will also consider whether the defendant has a criminal record or has failed to appear in the past, which works against him or her. Factors that may work in favor of the defendant include having a job, family, or other ties to the community.  

If you need to post bail for yourself or a loved one, choose a bondsman that is open 24 hours a day, is  licensed, and is reputable. Doing so helps to ensure that you are free until your trial.