Liability In Truck Accidents

One of the biggest differences between motor vehicle injury claims and truck accident injury claims is that with the truck accidents, there are several parties that are usually liable for what happened. As opposed to the car accident where just one party is usually at fault, in semi-trucks, we often discuss fault as shared between many possible parties. This includes:

· The Truck Driver

As with car accidents, in most cases, the fault is that of the driver. Usually, the truck driver makes an error that has a huge impact on the circumstances in which the accident takes place. However, the negligence of the truck driver is most likely only one of the factors that lead to the accident. Several errors can be mentioned.

· The Trucking Company

The employer of the truck driver has a legal responsibility to offer the right training, hire qualified drivers, and monitor every single one of the drivers for possible violations. The big problem is that many trucking companies do not take such obligations seriously. They are interested in gaining profits. As a result, we can see huge problems, like undue pressure put on drivers, unreasonable schedules, and not taking into account federal regulations.

· Manufacturers

This includes the manufacturers of the trucks and of the parts in them. A defective part can easily lead to the appearance of serious vehicle accidents. It can also make the collision a whole lot worse than it could be possible. The investigation team has to examine the truck so that any possible faulty component would be identified. Then, if a faulty part is detected, a claim against the responsible manufacturer is necessary.

· Maintenance Company

In order for the truck to run right, maintenance is mandatory. There is always a maintenance company or an individual that has to check various parts of the truck, so it runs as it was intended to. When the truck owner or the service center becomes negligent, we are looking at situations in which repairs are not made or problems are not identified. Shady maintenance leads to parts that are deteriorated not be discovered in time.

· Shipping Company

A very common truck accident cause is negligence when loading cargo. When hiring a third-party firm to load the truck and it does it improperly or contents are not secured, compensation can be recovered. In this case, you have to prove that improperly handling cargo was a cause for the accident.

Final Thoughts

Besides what was mentioned above, there are several other parties that could be at fault for truck accidents. This even includes government entities that are responsible for road safety.

As you can see, since there are so many possible parties at fault, it is very important to look for a lawyer for dump truck accidents. This is because the attorney will help you to investigate every single part of the incident. All parties that are responsible are identified and then you can file a claim against all of them. This maximizes your financial compensation and guarantees you will be able to cover all damages that appeared.