Motorcycle Accidents: The Best Way to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Many motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles, which is always bad. In almost all these cases, personal injuries were suffered by the motorcycle operator. These injuries led to unpaid time off work, increased medical bills during recovery, and extreme stress on the family unit.

Mistakes People Make When Talking to an Insurance Company

No matter who’s fault the motorcycle accident was, the emotional trauma of it causes many people to say and do the wrong things afterward. Here are some of those mistakes.

  1. They get emotional and try to argue with others at the accident scene or with the insurance company representatives.
  2. They use the wrong language when filling out police reports and insurance company claim forms.
  3. They discuss fault or admit fault in the accident with others at the scene or with law enforcement.

Insurance companies are almost counting on this to avoid compensating you fairly for your injuries.

Avoiding Negotiating Disasters

Insurance companies won’t be untruthful, but they might use vague or veiled language that sounds good at the time but means something else so that people might be susceptible to legal or policy loopholes. While many good people work for insurance companies and are folks of good character personally, we know that insurance companies never present a fair offer initially during the beginning of the negotiating stages. The representative’s job is to get you to settle your claim as quickly and as inexpensively as possible at the end.

Injuries sometimes don’t reveal themselves until weeks after the accident occurs. Often, injuries require ongoing medical visits or repeated procedures. These follow-up visits and medical treatments may or may not be covered by your health insurance.

Knowing this, what’s the best way to avoid negotiating disasters while dealing with your new medical issues, lost time off work, increased stress, and a limited understanding of the legal aspects of personal injury? You could learn expert negotiation techniques online, ask a friend to help, or work with a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer.

How a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Helps

It’s challenging to watch people fall into the same trap time and time again. Insurance companies are adept at understanding how payouts work, which is why it can be easy for a person with limited knowledge of the legal system to get taken advantage of by them. A Denver motorcycle accident lawyer helps you avoid all these pitfalls and helps you get a fair payout for your injuries.

From the first contact to the final outcome, a good Denver motorcycle accident lawyer focuses on you and takes over the bulk of gathering evidence like medical records, police reports, and witness accounts. The Denver motorcycle accident lawyer then works directly on your behalf with the insurance companies based on your situation, filling out paperwork, answering questions, and dealing with all the negotiations on your behalf.

Insurance companies know the law states that those responsible for the accident are responsible for paying for damages and medical bills to the injured parties. It never hurts to contact a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer for more information. You aren’t alone on your road to recovery.