What Skills Do You Need to be An Immigration Lawyer?

While law school requires a certain amount of coursework, you can also choose to take elective courses in immigration law. So, what does an immigration lawyer do? These courses may match your interests and provide a solid academic foundation for your career. While these electives may not be mandatory, they are an excellent way to learn more about the specific area of expertise you are interested in. Also, they can help you gain valuable professional experience in the field. Please visit the links below to learn about immigration law electives.

Intangible personal qualities

While the legal field offers a range of legal specialties, an immigration lawyer must have certain qualities that distinguish him from other attorneys. This article will discuss some qualities that make a good immigration lawyer. In addition to legal training and expertise, the attorney should be a compassionate, dedicated, and hard-working individual. These qualities can be essential in winning cases and make a big difference when negotiating with immigration officials.


Is there any better way to prepare yourself for the legal process than experience? Immigration Lawyers who have spent decades working in the field can help you with your legal issues. The following paragraphs will give you an overview of the most important aspects of this process. Moreover, you will get a better idea of the types of services they provide. If you want to make the most informed choice, consider hiring an immigration lawyer with a high level of experience.

Before deciding on an immigration lawyer, you should consider how much experience they have in the field. An immigration lawyer must have a J.D. from an ABA-approved law school. They should also be a member of the Bar. Having experience in the field will be helpful in the process of obtaining a visa. In addition, you should look for attorneys with a variety of specialties. For instance, a lawyer who specializes in family-based immigration cases should be able to assist families and individuals with different types of visas.

Immigration Lawyer


The first step in becoming an immigration lawyer is obtaining legal certification. This certification requires students to pass a test and complete a certain number of dedicated continuing legal education hours. Other requirements may vary by state but generally include passing a background check, having a social security number, and being in good standing with the state bar. Those who cannot obtain a social security number must apply for an exemption and pay the appropriate dues.

To be a good immigration lawyer, you must have strong writing and analytical skills. In addition, fluency in another language can help you in your career. Immigration lawyers often deal with clients who have suffered persecution, human trafficking, and torture. Thus, having a good command of English and Spanish is important. Those with strong communication skills and an interest in legal issues should pursue a minor or dual degree. Moreover, a legal internship or work for a nonprofit immigration program will give you valuable real-world experience.


An Immigration Lawyer’s resume should focus on the qualities of an immigration attorney. The skills and experiences you have should be presented in a concise manner. If possible, include relevant statistics. The resume should be one page and include the following information: contact information, work experience, relevant education, and professional affiliations. Include a portfolio or social networking link if you have any. Also, include some news clips or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Your employment history should be listed chronologically. You can start with your current position and work backward from there. Highlight your achievements and increased knowledge along the way. Include any relevant skills from previous jobs in this section of the resume. For example, if you have been an employee at a construction site, include that experience. Incorporate other relevant experiences and skills from your previous jobs, such as your experience working with immigrants.


The salary of an Immigration Lawyer can range widely. Salaries can vary according to location, type of firm, and clientele. Many lawyers have post-graduate degrees, which makes them a more competitive choice. Other factors that affect the pay of an Immigration Lawyer include years of experience, the size of the firm, and the region in which they practice. To determine a realistic salary range, speaking with three or more lawyers is recommended.

An immigration lawyer is a highly valuable professional who assists individuals and businesses with legal issues. Their job is to navigate the complexities of immigration law, which can affect a person’s right to work, live, run a business, and pay taxes. They also occasionally take on criminal cases. Therefore, their salary may vary based on their specialty. For example, some immigration lawyers specialize in helping immigrants obtain visas, while others focus more on criminal cases.